Winter Semester 2015/16

The World of Recipes: Procedural Knowledge in Mediaeval Arabic Literature

Alexander, Išrasīm, and the others: authorship in Mediaeval Scientific Literature.


Sommer Semester 2015

Natural Sciences in Islam (Naturwissenschaften im Islam)


Winter Semester 2014/15

History of Arabic Medicine

Mineralogical Traditions in the Ancient and Mediaeval World


Sommer Semester 2014

Thematic History of Arabic Medicine

Poisons&Antidotes (Gifte&Gegengifte)


Winter Semester 2013/14

Introduction to Natural Sciences in Islam (Einführung in die Naturwissenschaften im Islam)

Arabic Mineralogy (Arabische Steinkunde)


Sommer Semester 2013

Introduction to Oriental philology – Fluid traditions in scientific texts

Introduction to Arabic Medicine


Winter Semester 2012/13

Zoography: the image of animals in the Arabo-Islamic Middle Age. Sources and tradition.