List of Publications

a) Monograph

2018 ―ʿĪsā ibn ʿAlī’s Book on the Useful Properties of Animal Parts. Edition, translation and study of a fluid tradition (De Gruyter, 2018)

b) Chapters in books

(forthcoming) “Arabic Philology”. In: Introduction to StemmatologyPhilological Practices in different fields, eds. C. Macé & Ph. Roelli

c) Edited volumes

(forthcoming) ― with Caroline Petit and Matteo Martelli, Rethinking Ancient Pharmacology. The Textual Transmission and Interpretation of Galen’s Treatise ‘On Simple Drugs’. In Archives Internationales d’Histoire des Sciences, in preparation.

(forthcoming) ― Traces of Ink. Experiences of Philology and Replication. In Nuncius Series, Studies and Sources in the Material and Visual History of Science, Brill. in peer review.

d) Articles & Contributions in collected volumes

(forthcoming) ― “The Treasure of Alexander. Stories of Discovery and Authorship”. In: Education Materialized. Reconstructing Teaching and Learning Contexts through Manuscripts, eds. S. Brinkmann-G. Ciotti-S. Valente (Studies in Manuscript Cultures, De Gruyter).

(forthcoming) ― “Hermetic Waters Run Deep. The Four Alchemical Waters in The Treasure of Alexander.” In Les alchimistes grecs: recettes, doctrines, et milieu. In Eikasmos, eds. Matteo Martelli & Cristina Viano.

(forthcoming) ― “Rolling Stones Do Gather: MS Aya Sofya 3610 and Its Collection of Mineralogical Texts.” In The Emergence of Multiple-Text Manuscripts, eds. Alessandro Bausi, Michael Friedrich, Marilena Maniaci (De Gruyter, CSMC)

(forthcoming) ― “The Paradise of Wisdom: Streams of Tradition in the First Medical Encyclopaedia in Arabic”. In Culturals Sytems of Classification: Sickness, Health and Local Epistemologies, ed. Ulrike Steinert (Taylor&Francis/Routledge)

(forthcoming) “Goodfeathers: Amazing Pigeons in Arabic Animal Lore.” In Quaderni di Studi Arabi.

(forthcoming) “Simple Tables: A Note on Pharmacology in Rows and Columns.” In Annali dell’Università degli Studi di Napoli ‘L’Orientale.

(Forthcoming) “Simples on the Trees or Medicines on the Table? A Synopsis of Galenic Pharmacology in MS Bodleian Huntington 600.” In Archives Internationales d’Histoire des Sciences.


2019 ― “Ibn al-Ǧazarī’s Book on the Art of Penmanship: Inks as Instruments of Writing.” In Journal of Islamic Manuscripts 10/2, pp. 201‒239.

2019 ― “Apollonius of Tyana’s Kitāb al-ṭalāsim al-akbar (‘The Great Book of Talismans’).” In Nuncius 34, pp. 155‒182.

2018 ― “Thunders, Haloes, and Earthquakes: What Daniel Brought from Babylon into Arabic Divination”. In: Mesopotamian Medicine and Magic: Studies in Honour of Markham J. Geller, eds. Strahil Panayotov & Ludek Vacìn (Brill, Ancient Magic and Divination Series), pp. 421‒455.

2016― with Matteo Martelli, “Stone by Stone: Building the Graeco-Arabic Edition of Galen’s On Simple Drugs, Book 9.” In: COMSt Bulletin 2/1, pp. 48-58.

2016 ―Cum grano salis. Some Arabic Ink Recipes in their Historical and Literary Context.” In Journal of Islamic Manuscripts 7, pp. 294-338.

2016 ― Ad usum Delphini Salomone Bilqīs e l’upupa nella letteratura egiziana per l’infanzia”. In: La Regina di Saba. Un mito fra oriente e occidente, eds. F. Battiato, D. Hartman and G. Stabile, Archivio di Studi Ebraici, Università di Napoli “L’Orientale”, pp. 345-361.

2015 ― “The ‘Science of Properties’ and its Transmission”. In: In the Wake of the Compendia: How Technical Handbooks Reshape Early Mesopotamian Empiricism (De Gruyter), pp. 159‒176.

2014 ― “Tracing the Sources. A Rare Case of Explicit Scholarly Practice in an Arabic Manuscript Tradition”. In: COMSt News Letter 8, pp. 28-32.

2008 ― “Gli uccelli nel Kitāb al-Ḥayawān di al-Ǧāḥiẓ: fonti, tradizione, adab”. In: Quaderni di Studi Arabi 3, Nuova Serie, pp. 183-200.

e) Reviews & Review articles

2015 ― A. Contadini, A World of Beasts: A Thirteenth-Century Illustrated Arabic Book on Animals (the Kitāb Na‘t al-Ḥayawān) in the Ibn Bakhtīshū‘ Tradition. In: Journal of Islamic Manuscripts 5, Cambridge [review article], pp. 71-77.

2016 ― E. Lauzi, Il destino degli animali. Aspetti delle tradizioni culturali araba e occidentale nel Medio Evo. Firenze: Sismel 2012. XIII = Micrologus’ Library 44. In: Orientalische Literaturzeitung 111/4-5, pp. 403-405.

2008 ― P. Carusi, Lo zafferano e il geco. Le scienze della vita nella società islamica del Medioevo. In: Quaderni di Studi Arabi 3, Nuova Serie (2008), pp. 253-254.